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I’m Alan Knuckman, Chief Options Strategist at BullsEyeOption.com and your personal mentor to improving your success when it comes to trading stocks.

I’d like to introduce you to a service that provides the education, advice and tools you’ll need to find trades that are consistently profitable — trades with limited risk — trades that present good opportunities regardless of where the market goes. It’s a unique service combines

  • 25 years of EXPERIENCE
  • the RIGHT STRATEGY for finding good trades

After you learn more, you may never want to trade stock shares outright again!


Introducing BullEyeOption
An Options Trade Alert Service

I’ll admit it. I’m an eternal OPTIMIST. Regardless of where the markets are right now, I KNOW there is money to be made using the right strategy. And, I’m convinced the right strategy is also a better way to trade stocks. I’ve spent my entire career analyzing the markets, and have learned how options (and not stocks) let you “hit the target” with a greater chance of a successful trade.

Many traders are hesitant to use options, thinking they are either too complicated or too risky. Using Options Trade Alert Service, I’ll show you how:


1 Stock Gain
2 Alan Knuckman’s Options Strategy Gain

Sample trades from
Alan Knuckman’s published options recommendations.

  • Options can limit your risk. They are the best way for traders to create higher probability trades with leverage to produce greater returns.
  • Options strategies can be simple. The market can only move in three directions (up, down, or sideways), so you don’t need a fancy technique to make money.
  • Options trading does not require constant attention. A well-thought out and disciplined trading plan lets you step away from your computer and puts you in position for long-term success.

I’ve created BullsEyeOption to educate Subscribers who are seriously interested in improving their performance in the art of successful stock options trading. I am pleased to share my time-tested options trading strategies using this unique option trade alerts service.

Few services give you as many trade alerts, advice and educational content as what you’ll receive with your subscription.

Included in Your Membership:

  • Each week, receive TRADE RECOMMENDATIONS via email.
  • Every trade alert comes with a DETAILED EXPLANATION explaining the strategy and why I’m recommending it.
  • I will help you fine-tune your knowledge of the markets with DAILY EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS that analyze markets (and real trading possibilities.)

Alan Knuckman

image008Alan started his career at the Chicago Board of Trade as runner/clerk, then moved his way to trading futures and futures options in the Treasury pits.

With strong broadcast media skills in analyzing the markets, Alan is a frequent expert for major news organizations where he appears regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Network, CNN, Sky Business News in Australia.

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